Thank you to everyone who attending Closing Ceremony! Big thank you's to all that made this season possible, between the coaches and volunteers to the players and parents as well as our wonderful sponsors!! If you were unable to attend please note that the coaches have the players trophies. Please contact if you have any questions.

Congratulations to the following teams for making it to Tournament of Champions (a district wide tournament of the top standing teams). If you click on the link you can download the brackets for the games with game times:

**Red Wings - Minors Baseball
**Cardinals - Majors Baseball
**Stars - Minors Softball (will not be attending the tournament but great job girls!!)
**Rockies - Majors Softball (Winner of the tie breaker game Friday May 30th)

Tournament of Champions will begin Friday June 6th in Wickenburg located at Sunset Park:
Sunset Park
3300 West Wickenburg Way
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Coaches will be in contact with the players regarding any scheduled practices this week. Juniors Softball will not have a Tournament of Champions because they are the only team in the district, however Juniors Baseball TOC will be scheduled for the weekend of June 14th-16th in Camp Verde. Good luck to our winning teams of Bagdad!!

All Stars are just around the corner as well. Here are the dates that we will announce the rosters for each division.

**9/10 Baseball - Announce June 8th (June 23rd in Prescott)
**11/12 Baseball - Announce June 15th (June 30th in Prescott)
**9/10 Softball - Announce June 12th (June 27th in Wickenburg)
**11/12 Baseball -
No announce date. All 11/12 girls qualify (June 30th in Williams)
**13/14 Baseball - No announce date. All 13/14 boys qualify (July 5th in Camp Verde)
**13/14 Softball - No All Stars, automatic State qualifiers since only Juniors team in district. More info coming.

We are in need of umpires this Saturday May 10th for the following baseball and softball double headers in Bagdad:
  • Juniors Baseball - 1st game @ 12pm and 2nd game @ 2pm (HS Baseball Field)
  • Juniors Softball - 1st game @ 1pm and 2nd game @ 3pm (HS Softball Field)
If you are interested or have any questions please contact our Umpire in Chief Chris Lane (928) 830-4771. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated!!
Due to AIMS testing next week we have made an agreement with the school to help get the kids home at a decent hour. The minors games will be no longer than an hour and a half which means the game needs to be over by 6pm. On Monday and Tuesday for the Majors division the games need to start by 6:15 pm. There will also be no new innings started after 8:00pm for the Majors games. The games will conclude no later than 8:30pm.

Softball game and practice schedule has been revised
for next week as well as Monday 4/21 (game cancelled). Again there will be no new innings after 8:00pm and will conclude no later than 8:30pm. Below is an image of the changes made to the softball schedule.

If you have any questions please contact us or email us at!
Opening Ceremonies was a success! Thank you to all who attended and helped make this year's celebration so wonderful. Special thanks go out to the Williamson Valley Fire Department for grilling over 300 hamburgers and hotdogs this past Saturday! We also would like to thank the Core Committee, Relay For Life, and United Blood for your participation. In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Little League, the theme we hoped to spread was "give back to your community" through either volunteering or by donation. We encourage everyone to support our local nonprofits and the cause they stand for!!

Thank you to Mark Lane Photography, once again, for successfully photographing close to 200 children in under four hours and thanks to all the parents and coaches for helping make that all possible. This years dedication went to our 11-12 year old District 10 Softball champions who started the season off with the opening pitch. Congratualtions go out to Bobby Martinez who won the 50/50 raffle, taking home close to $1100! After the ceremony we kicked off the season with first Majors Baseball game, Rangers vs. Pirates.

Again thank you to everyone who made this celebration absolutely amazing! We were able to raise just over $2500 for Bagdad Little League on Saturday. We could not have done this without all of the parents, players, volunteers, and community members!!

We are now half way through the first week of games! Good job to the baseball and softball teams who played Monday and Tuesday. Today we have a T-ball game at 4:00pm (Little League Field) and a Minors Softball game at 6:30pm (HS Softball Field). Come support these ball players and cheer them on from the stands!! Schedules are available for download (Baseball Schedule and Softball Schedule).

We have several hundred photos from Opening Ceremonies and the Baseball games that will be posted to Facebook here before the end of the day! More pictures will be posted through the season!

Best of luck at the games!!

Uniforms arrived in Bagdad today and have been distributed to the coaches.  If you have not already received the uniforms your player's coach will be contacting you here shortly to hand them out. Again all Majors and Juniors division are responsible for returning their jerseys at Closing Ceremonies. To help us keep track of the uniforms all parents of Majors and Juniors are required to sign the uniform agreement form that coaches will hand out with players uniforms. They will need to be turned into the Snack Bar at Opening Ceremonies. All players should have or will receive their picture order form to have filled out and ready for pictures Saturday morning/afternoon.

Again the picture schedule is as follows (all players need to be with their team on the field 5-10 minutes early):

10:00     Juniors Baseball
10:10     Juniors Softball
10:20     Majors Baseball – Cardinals
10:30     Majors Baseball – Pirates
10:40     Majors Baseball – Rangers
10:50     Majors Softball – Braves
11:00     Majors Softball – Rockies
11:10 – 11:20 BREAK
11:20     Minors Baseball – Nuts
11:30     Minors Baseball – Red Wings
11:40     Minors Baseball – Storm
11:50     Minors Softball – Stars
12:00     Minors Softball – Storm
12:10 – 12:45 BREAK
12:45     T-Ball – Dbacks
1:00       T-Ball – Giants
1:15       T-Ball – Pirates
1:30       T-Ball - Reds

If you have not already turned in your raffle tickets and money to your player's coach, you can bring them to the Snack Bar on Opening Ceremonies before 2pm. We will also continue to sell them at Snack Bar from 10am-2pm (1 ticket for $1 or 6 tickets for $5). Winner will be drawn during Opening Ceremony.

There was an issue with the Baseball schedule that was originally posted on the website.
We did not have the game schedule posted for Monday March 31st. Please note that Minors Baseball
(Storm vs Nuts 4:30-6:30) and Majors Baseball (Cardinals vs Rangers 6:30-8:30) will have games this coming Monday. If you need an updated copy (includes Monday's games) of the Baseball schedule please click here to download.

We are still in need of Snack Bar help and Umpires. If you are interested in helping please click here to download a volunteer form or stop by the Snack Bar to pick up a volunteer form. 

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday at Opening Ceremonies! Snack Bar will be open from 10am-till end of Majors game that will start tentatively at 4pm (Rangers vs Pirates). Hamburger and hotdog plates will be sold from around noon till end of game. Big thanks to the Williamson Valley Fire Dept. for volunteering to BBQ for us and the Local Nonprofits that will be in attendance on Saturday!!

We are excited for the games to begin! Let's get this season started and play some ball!!

If you have any questions please contact us!

Game schedules have now been posted for both baseball and t-ball. If you would like to download baseball/t-ball schedule click here, for softball click here.

This weekend is Opening Ceremonies (Saturday March 29th)!!

All players should have received their raffle tickets (if not they should at their next practice). Each player is given 12 tickets to sell. All money and completed tickets should be returned back to the coaches or dropped of with Lonni Gillespie. If you need more tickets or want to arrange to drop of money/completed tickets please contact Lonni Gillespie at (928) 451-1778. Help us make this 50/50 raffle a success! Buy your raffle tickets today... and you may be the 50/50 winner!! (Last years winner won $1027)

We were hoping to get uniforms distributed by the beginning of the week, however, it's now looking like they will be handed out Thursday or Friday. Please keep in mind that all Majors and Juniors jerseys are property of Bagdad Little League and will need to be returned at the end of season. If you still have a majors or juniors jersey from last year please return them asap (this includes All Star jerseys) as there were supposed to have been turned in after the end of season! In the effort of saving the League thousands of dollars, this year the jerseys will be checked out and parents will be charged for any missing jerseys if not returned (est. cost about $50-$60). All t-ball and minors jerseys do not need to be returned.

Individual and team pictures will be taken the morning of Opening Ceremonies. Please make sure players are at the field 5-10 minutes earlier than their scheduled time:

10:00    Juniors Baseball
10:10    Juniors Softball
10:20    Majors Baseball – Cardinals
10:30    Majors Baseball – Pirates
10:40    Majors Baseball – Rangers
10:50    Majors Softball – Braves
11:00    Majors Softball – Rockies
11:10 – 11:20 BREAK
11:20    Minors Baseball – Nuts
11:30    Minors Baseball – Red Wings
11:40    Minors Baseball – Storm
11:50    Minors Softball – Stars
12:00    Minors Softball – Storm
12:10 – 12:45 Break
12:45    T-Ball – Dbacks
1:00    T-Ball – Giants
1:15    T-Ball – Pirates
1:30    T-Ball - Reds

The actual Opening Ceremony will take place at 2:00pm and the first game of the season (majors baseball: Pirates vs. Rangers) will start around 4pm. Hot dog and hamburger plates will be sold from 11:30am till the end of the majors game. Everyone is invited to join us in the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Little League!! Come out and show your support for the children of Bagdad Little League and the nonprofits that will be set up around the field!!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!!

Let's Play Ball!

District 10 has set the Tournament of Champion & All Star dates! Now keep in mind we can not announce All Star roster's till the date posted for each division. We will have these dates posted on the master calendar as soon as the game schedule is posted. First regular season game will be held at Opening Ceremonies next Saturday (March 29th)! Good luck to each of the teams and players this 2014 season!!

Tournament of Champions

  • Minors BB TOC: June 6-8 in Wickenburg
  • Minors SB TOC: June 6-8 in Wickenburg
  • Majors BB TOC: June 6-8 in Wickenburg
  • Majors SB TOC: June 6-8 in Wickenburg
  • Juniors BB TOC: June 14-16 in Camp Verde

All Stars

  • 9/10 BB All Stars: June 23 (Announce June 8) in Prescott
  • 9/10 SB All Stars: June 27 (Announce June 12) in Wickenburg
  • 11/12 BB All Stars: June 30 (Announce June 15) in Prescott
  • 11/12 SB All Stars: June 30 (Announce June 15) in Williams
  • 13/14 Juniors BB All Stars: July 5 (Announce June 15) in Camp Verde
  • 13/14 Juniors SB All Stars: July 5 (Announce June 15) in Bagdad (Only Camp Verde and Bagdad have teams so this may not happen)
We are still short on volunteer umpires. If you are interested in helping this season please click here to download a volunteer form. If you would like to help but would like to receive some additional training there will be a two day umpire clinic scheduled for April 5th and 6th down in Wickenburg (date changed-time still to be determined). If you are interested in attending the clinic please contact us to get signed up or if you have any questions.

Practice schedules have been posted for both baseball and softball. Juniors Baseball practices will be updated on schedule as soon as they are scheduled around High School Baseball. Softball schedules are completed through May and can be downloaded here. T-ball and baseball practice schedule for March can be downloaded here (missing juniors baseball). We will have game schedules for baseball and t-ball posted here shortly. Please note that coaches may schedule additional practices that are not listed on the schedule (coaches will notify parents of dates, times, and locations).

There are several players who have not yet turned in a copy of their birth certificates and 3 proofs of residency (ages 9-15 only). You will be receiving an email or a phone call here shortly to let parents know what all is still missing. If you have any questions about what may qualify as the 3 proofs please click here to view instructions.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!
All players have now been assigned to their teams for this 2014 season. If you have not yet heard from your players coach please email us at in order to make sure we have the correct contact information.

T-ball and Minors Baseball practice times have been scheduled for this week at the Little League field, more dates to come for Majors & Juniors Baseball as well as Softball. Although a practice was not scheduled by the League, your players coach may notify you of a scheduled practice for this week to be held at another field. We should have the League practice schedule posted for all divisions by this next Sunday.

Thank you to all the parents who brought their children to tryouts! We should have some pictures posted from last Thursday of both Baseball and Softball tryouts here very shortly. Stay tuned!

We still need volunteers for the snack bar and umpiring (both baseball and softball). If you are interested in helping this season please click here to download a volunteer form. All forms and a copy of your driver's license can be turned into any board member.

If you still have any questions feel free to contact us!

Let's Play Ball!